Optimal all-in-one solution for feature inspection and error prevention

As compact, modular all-in-one solutions, simple image processing systems already contain all relevant functions such as an integrated lens, a camera and lighting. Accordingly, they are easy to set up, space-saving, inexpensive and yet powerful.

Thanks to their flexible design, they can be adapted to different application requirements and offer the greatest possible flexibility for the respective application. What’s more, the latest generation of smart vision sensors use AI-based detection algorithms to intelligently detect misalignments, environmental instabilities, and other disruptive factors, always delivering reliable results regardless of environmental influences.

Recognized machine vision manufacturers such as Cognex, Datalogic, Keyence, Sensopart, Sick and Zebra offer innovative and powerful sensor cameras for applications in a wide range of industries.

Vision Sensoren - Farbkontrolle

In-Sight 2800 – Cognex

In-Sight 2800 from Cognex: AI-assisted vision system for precise defect detection

The In-Sight 2800 vision system from Cognex combines artificial intelligence (AI) with rule-based vision tools to offer a wide range of application possibilities.

P2x – Datasensing/Datalogic

P2x Series from Datasensing/Datalogic: the ultimate smart camera with performance and flexibility

The P2x Series from Datasensing/Datalogic is an industrial smart camera that offers exceptional inspection performance and flexibility in a fully embedded compact package. The introduction of new models that support C-mount lenses takes the product’s modularity to the next level.

Keyence’s IV model range: precise vision sensors for clear images and easy setup

Keyence’s IV model series is a high-quality series of vision sensors that has earned an excellent reputation as Keyence’s best-selling vision sensor. With internal illumination options and a user-friendly setup, this model series offers numerous features and benefits that make it ideal for a wide variety of machine vision applications.

VISOR® from Sensopart: Flexible vision sensor with high scalability

VISOR® from Sensopart is a comprehensive vision sensor family that combines sophisticated hardware and easy-to-parameterize software.


PLOC2D from Sick: precise part localization with user-friendly vision sensor system

Sick’s PLOC2D is a vision sensor system that provides accurate and reliable 2D part localization, with user-friendly features and flexible customization options. The system is easy to integrate with many makes of robots and PLCs.

InspectorP62x – SICK

InspectorP62x from Sick: high precision and reliability

Sick’s InspectorP62x offers efficient and optimal performance with its advanced technology and user-friendly interface. The vision sensor features versatile functions and a rugged design that stands up to tough operating conditions.

VS20 – Zebra

VS20 from Zebra: compact shape and easy setup

The VS20 is an intelligent vision sensor used to perform quality inspections in industrial production.

VS40 – Zebra

The versatility of the VS40 vision system from Zebra

The VS40 is an intelligent vision camera from Zebra that offers a comprehensive feature set and is specifically designed to support virtually any inspection application on the production line.

Whatever machine vision application you are looking for the right system for, we will be happy to advise you. Let’s talk today!
Vision Sensor: die optimale All-in-One Lösung zur Merkmalskontrolle und Fehlervermeidung
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