Efficient verification systems: accuracy and reliability

Cognex offers innovative verification solutions, such as the DataMan 475V Series or the DataMan 8072V Verifier, that provide fast and accurate verification of bar codes and product codes, ensuring that international standards are met.

Cognex verification systems offer comprehensive features such as print quality, readability and contrast evaluation to ensure code reliability and readability.

REA Verifier: Versatile solutions for optimum code quality

REA VERIFIER also offers powerful verification systems for checking the code quality of matrix and bar code types in various industries:

  • REA VeriCube for 2D codes and barcodes
  • REA VeriMax for 2D codes and barcodes and for installation in production lines
  • REA VeriMax Mobile portable 2D and bar code verifier

The REA VeriCube is a modern matrix and barcode verifier that can be used across all industries. Whether lying, standing or from top to bottom, the verifier can measure almost any test sample in an optimal position. The measuring system is based on a high-precision optics module with a CMOS camera chip and is designed to avoid the influence of extraneous light during the measuring process.

REA products feature high precision, reliability, and ease of use, with functions such as barcode and mark quality assessment, contrast ratio verification, and reading codes in various positions and orientations.

Whether you need to verify barcodes, product codes or other markings, we have the right solution for you. Our experts will be happy to advise you and help you select the right verification system to meet your requirements. This will help you avoid error and cost risks, comply with industry standards, ensure end-to-end process reliability and reduce production downtime.

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