Independent system integrator for industrial image processing and automation technology

Welcome to GK VISION GmbH, your independent system integrator. We specialize in the fields of industrial image processing and automation using machine vision. Founded in 2020, we have already been able to successfully establish ourselves on the market and support more than 150 companies from numerous industries with their automation projects, thanks to our many years of industrial experience and the innovative strength of our team.

Powerful barcode readers for efficient tracking & tracing
Industrial image processing systems for all inspection applications
Deep Learning in Machine Vision

Your vision + our competence =
productivity and quality increase for you!

Globally, the demand for automation and quality inspection is increasing, as is the need for vision-guided robotic systems in industries such as automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical, and packaging.

Industrial value creation benefits enormously from intelligent image processing systems and non-contact measurement and inspection technologies, which are used in numerous industries and ensure automatic quality control, objective results, high reproducibility and productivity.

As GK VISION GmbH – VISIONTECHNIK we aim to offer you customized solutions with our comprehensive range of services from consulting and feasibility analysis to system integration and staff training to increase your productivity and quality standards.