Which lighting is the right one?

Various lighting techniques are used in industrial image processing: Area, ring, dome, beam or coaxial lighting. A distinction is also made between types such as LED, fluorescence and laser.

Each technique has its specific application areas and advantages. Choosing the right lighting depends heavily on the objects to be inspected and the specific requirements of the vision application. Factors such as light intensity, beam direction and angle of incidence, the light color or wavelength, color temperature, working distances, optimal light control through intelligent controller technology and service life of the lighting should also be considered.

Lighting can also be equipped with different color and polarization filters, diffuser disks and Fresnel lenses. This allows them to be adapted to different environments and application conditions, for example, to make hidden features and depth information on object surfaces visible or to mask out disturbing patterns.

Careful planning and selection of the lighting can lead to a significant improvement in image quality and thus efficiency in industrial image processing.

Wide range of powerful lighting from Effilux

GK VISION GmbH partners with Effilux, one of the leading suppliers on the market, to provide them with the best lighting options and accessories.

Effilux offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions for machine vision. The product range includes area, spot and ring lights specifically designed for precise and demanding applications.

The illuminations are high-performance and offer optimal results. They are particularly suitable for tasks such as inspection, quality control and data acquisition in various industries.

Effilux lighting is not only powerful, but also durable and reliable, making it the ideal choice for machine vision applications. In addition, Effilux lighting can be customized to meet individual customer requirements.

No image without light: Depending on the application, different types of lighting are possible

Depending on whether the object to be inspected and measured is transparent or metallic, 2D or 3D, glossy or matte, different types of illumination are used.

Possible applications of the ring lights

Ring lights are an excellent option for machine vision. They are ideal for applications where uniform, shadow-free lighting is required. This type of lighting is especially useful when inspecting shiny or reflective surfaces. Ring lights can also be used in combination with other types of lighting to create special effects. They offer great flexibility and can be used in a variety of industries, from electronics to automotive. Their simplicity and efficiency make them a popular choice for many machine vision applications.

EFFI-Ring – Effilux

Advantages of EFFI-Ring lighting from Effilux

The EFFI Ring is a versatile ring illuminator optimized for machine vision. With optical lengths ranging from 100mm to 2900mm, the EFFI Ring offers a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of different applications. Available wavelengths include blue (465nm), green (525nm), red (625nm) and infrared (850nm), white (000nm), UV (365nm & 405nm). In addition, a white version with a color temperature of 5500K ± 500K is available.

Backlight for optimal contrasts

The backlight helps to create optimal contrasts, making the image clearer and more meaningful. By using specific light sources, the finest details can be highlighted that would otherwise have remained hidden. There are different types of backlights, such as LED, halogen or fluorescent light sources, which can be selected depending on the application and requirements. The choice of the right backlight can be decisive for the quality of the final image processing.

EFFI-BL – Effilux

Advantages of EFFI-BL lighting from Effilux

The EFFI-BL is a powerful and uniform LED backlight designed specifically for machine vision. Available wavelengths include blue (465nm), green (525nm), red (625nm) and infrared (850nm), as well as a white version with a color temperature of 5700 K ± 700 K.

Bar lights for optimal bright and dark field lighting

The EFFI-Flex bar luminaires from Effilux are equipped with high quality LEDs. They offer a variety of solutions in a single luminaire through different lens positions. With their flexible beam angle adjustment from 90° to 10°, they allow an optimal compromise between power, illuminated area and homogeneity for precise image capture.

EFFI-Flex – Effilux

Advantages of EFFI-Flex bar lighting from Effilux

Bar lights are manufactured in a highly diffuse design to produce uniform light without hotspots. This feature is particularly useful when homogeneous illumination of a long and narrow measurement area is required, such as when detecting contours or for background illumination of certain features in the field of view.

In addition to diffuse lighting, beam lights also offer the option of directional lighting. This type of lighting can be used for specific applications where focused illumination is required.

Dome lights for uniform lighting of the test object

The dome lighting uniformly illuminates the entire surface of the test object, thus eliminating shine as well as shadows. It is best suited for use on uneven, curved and reflective surfaces.

EFFI-FD – Effilux

Advantages of EFFI-FD dome lighting from Effilux

The EFFI-FD LED dome lighting from Effilux, is a powerful flat light with a camera hole and integrated intensity control. It is available in a variety of wavelengths including blue, green, red, infrared and optional white.

The EFFI-FD offers additional options such as the polarizing filter, which eliminates glare on the surface of the object being examined, and a black collar with integrated thread for attaching an M40.5 filter. Various mechanical versions of the EFFI-FD are available with dimensions up to 1.5 m in 50 mm increments.

Line lighting for precise image acquisition

Line lighting produces a directional, strong light that is essential for precise image capture. It is particularly useful in production environments where the highest accuracy is required. The benefits of this technology are many: it improves contrast, reduces shadows, and enables the detection of the finest details. It is also energy-efficient and durable. Various models with different light intensities and colors provide flexibility and customizable solutions. Overall, line lighting is an indispensable tool for high-quality, industrial image processing.

EFFI-Line – Effilux

Advantages of EFFI-Line line lighting from Effilux

The EFFI-Line is a powerful LED line lighting specifically designed for machine vision applications. With optical lengths ranging from 100mm to 2900mm, Effilux line lighting offers a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of various applications. Available wavelengths include UV (405nm), blue (465nm), green (525nm), red (625nm) and infrared (850nm), as well as a white version with a color temperature of 5500 K ± 500 K.

Tips for choosing the right lighting

When choosing the right lighting for machine vision, you should consider several factors. First, it’s important to understand the specific requirements of your project. For example, do you need bright, uniform lighting or a concentrated light source? In addition, you should consider the environment in which the lighting will be used. Is it humid, dusty or subject to vibration? All of these elements can affect the performance and longevity of the lighting. Finally, you should consider energy consumption and cost. It pays to invest in high-quality, energy-efficient lighting that will not only make your operation more efficient, but also more sustainable.

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